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Pre-Installed Cable Protector

Move operations from the drill floor to the yard ensuring safety and rig efficiency

Cable clamping today is a long, painful and risky operation. To tackle these challenges, Vallourec is introducing to the market the first ever pre-installed cable protector, moving most of the existing rig floor operations to the yard. The Protector generates significant rig time savings and safety benefits, while meeting the most advanced technical performances.

Direct rig time savings
Only 30 seconds on the critical path, Saves up to 12 hours when running completions
Safer operations
Less people required, for much less time, Less crane movements at rig site, All parts are captive
Piece of mind
No risk of parts falling in the well, No extra logistics, Less operations
Our Solution


Our solution is to move as many operations as possible away from the critical path and even from the rig site. The cable protectors are pre-installed in the yard prior to transport to the rig site.
Pipes lifted and run-in hole with weight transferred through the clamp to the coupling face. Just one person required to align the clamp, insert the cables, snap shut the lock and lock the clamp rotation.

Technical Performance
  • Critical path time <30 seconds
  • Available in 4 ½” and 5 ½” VAM TOP ® Family and VAM® 21 Family with more sizes and thread types available on request
  • Accepts 1 or 2 cables with more options coming soon
  • Supports the weight of >25 meters of cables 
  • Supports the full string weight up to the maximum load permitted on the coupling face
  • Up to 25,000 meters wear resistance in horizontal section
  • No damage to couplings or excessive point contact on coupling edge
  • Fully qualified according to the Statoil TR2385 requirements
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Vallourec Pre-Installed Cable Protectors are now on Smartengo:

Documents & Resources
Technical Briefing
Vallourec introduces the word's first Pre-Installed Cable Protector! Installation in the yard, instead of the deck. Enhance safety while saving both time and money! To find out how it works, watch now our Technical Briefing:
Discover our Pre-Installer Cable Protector
Customer Story
The world's first Pre-Installed Cable Protectors head deep into an offshore oil well
This Innovation by Vallourec has been trialed by a major UK operator with a number of 5 ½” VAM TOP ® cable protectors being used during their completion running operations. Their feedback was very positive with confirmation of the time savings and single person use. The Completions Supervisor commented: “The general consensus of the team is that everyone likes the product and happy to run them.” During the trial they were picked up with standard side door elevators and supported the weight of 1,100m of tubing. They are now supporting and protecting a pressure and temperature cable that will provide real-time data to the production platform during the life of the well. As this is the start of a multi well project the completion team are keen to use these on all remaining wells.
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