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Competitive manufacturing routes, Local Services and Products that became Industry references

Conventional Oil & Gas wells, whether onshore or shallow water, vertical or deviated, call for premium but competitive tubulars supported by local services to ease the supply chain. Conventional applications also benefit from standardization simplifying repairs, accessory supplies and stock management. Vallourec has set the industry standard with VAM® connections being the most used premium connections on conventional projects worldwide and for decades.

Our Solutions
Our Solutions

Vallourec’s offer for conventional wells start with a competitive industrial footprint with mass production mills (Brazil, China) together with multiple finishing lines on each continent to deliver competitive premium OCTG tubulars to industry standards (API 5CT, API Q1), right on time.

Vallourec services brings simplicity to your conventional projects thanks to supply chain services (SmartStock, Smartrun) and the extensive VAM® licensee network with over 200 accessory and repair shops licensed to cut threads of the VAM® product line.

For decades now, Vallourec has designed and supplied VAM® connections such as NEW VAM, VAM TOP ® and today VAM® 21 that became the industry reference premium connections in many of the conventional wells in the world. For our customers, using the industry standard connections makes it easy all across the supply chain: easy access to accessories and repairs, fast-track sourcing options from stock, buy-back and resale opportunities etc.

Simplify your Conventional Oil and Gas projects: Go with Vallourec.

Documents & Resources
Documents & Resources
Advanced Support for Well Optimization guide
Across all applications, from conventional and unconventional fields, offshore and onshore, to special applications such as geothermal, we support you with competitive and innovative solutions and grades, and help you select the products and services you need.


Discover VAM® Connections

Discover VAM® Connections
Customer Story
Saudi Arabia
“Saudi Aramco has also started to use VAM® 21 connections for the most advanced conditions such as exploration in the Red Sea.” Sheikh Tariq Abdel Hadi Al-Qahtani, Partner
“I have been proud and happy to support Vallourec and have invaluable memories of old school engineers of Vallourec who have proved that trust and professionalism are the true core of engineering.” Geoff Thompson, Engineering consultant

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