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Second Life Protectors

A Vallourec recycling service

A circular economy initiative for plastic packages

The Second Life Protectors and all Recycling Services is part of our commitment to accompany you in the energy transition by offering a comprehensive low-carbon portfolio of solutions and services while reducing our own carbon footprint followed by the well-known Vallourec quality standards.

One interface
We deliver the product and perform the service on a complete circularity
Improved sustainability
Reduced overall waste management and CO2 in the environment
A win-win solution
Contributes to both sustainability indicators
Our Products

Plastic protectors help us deliver our products to you safely, efficiently and with the highest quality but too many end up as environmental waste. With this initiative, Vallourec takes the lead by changing radically the overall flow of product packaging. We’ve created a comprehensive collection and processing infrastructure, using technical innovation that makes collecting and reprocessing commercially viable and operationally seamless for you. This new service facilitates your operations anywhere in the world and enables a reduction in plastic waste and carbon footprint, making us both more environmentally responsible and complying with regulations in a win-win relationship.

The old linear way

Before, the old-fashioned linear process consisted of discarded tube protectors, even the good ones, being collected by external suppliers who managed and incinerated them resulting in environment.

The new green and circular way

Now, Vallourec is committed to collect used protectors, inspect and sort them either for reconditioning and immediate reuse or for grinding, recycling and use as raw material to manufacture new protectors.

All Package Solutions

All current packaging solutions, such as thread protectors, end caps, plastic frames and bumper rings, can be included on this circular flow to increase its life time, reduce total cost and boost the sustainability. 

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Discover our Protector Recycling Service
Customer Story
“It’s so much easier when the original manufacturer retrieves packaging and commits to reprocessing it. The result is a seamless reduction in our overall waste and CO2 impact, contract management and total cost of ownership. Everyone gains by it.”