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Material Selection

Select the optimal material for a given application and well environment

Our research centers provide you with FEA modeling, corrosion expertiseand testing services. You can also benefit from our wide database of test results (SSC, SCC, mass loss etc.) and field record covering many different well conditions and materials supplied.

Customer Story
Select the best Material
“For a customer designing a North Sea HP/HT well, we assessed pH levels in situ, preselected the two best material candidates and performed fit-for-purpose corrosion testing on both. The results helped determined which materials offered the best compromise between corrosion resistance and Capex, and where they should be used.”
Don't compromise on security
“We helped save a customer 50% in tubing costs by subjecting two pre-selected materials to a range of tests. Since the materials had the same test results, the customer knew they could safely switch from one product to the other without compromising on safety or security.”