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Hydraulic cylinders and circuits

Maximum toughness, with less weight

Manufacturers need hydraulic cylinders and circuits that are both high strength and lightweight. Available in a wide range of dimensions and steel grades, our hydraulic tubes can offer reduced structural weight with the same performance level.

Optimized performance-to-weight ratio
With a range of steel grade options
Strength and durability
High pressure resistance
Good machinability
Producing less scrap, for optimized machining

Our hydraulic cylinders are suitable for all types of lifting and weight-supporting applications, from heavy-duty vehicles to civil construction to manufacturing and beyond.

Applications include:

  • Excavators, wheel loaders, trucks, bulldozers
  • Mining equipment & roof supports
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Offshore dredging, hoisting and drilling
  • Onshore dock cranes and platforms
  • Bridges, sluices
  • Presses
  • Machine manufacturing
Our Products

Our hydraulic cylinders and circuits are known for their strength and durability. They are designed for extreme resistance, high resilience to brittle fracture and good weldability.

We offer a range of hydraulic cylinder products:

  • from hot rolled tube
  • from forged shaped tube

Our hydraulic circuits are manufactured from cold-drawn tubes.

Grades & Sizes

With a range of steel grades from standard to premium and a vast array of sizes, we have the right tubular solution for your application. For hydraulic tubes, our Forterior® line has a yield strength (between 370 and 500 MPa, depending on the steel grade), with impact test values guaranteed up to -20° C. The Forterior® series consists of six grades with specific mechanical properties and good weldability.
Our FineXcell® range maximizes performance and reduces weight. These fine-grain steels boast both superior processing characteristics and up to 1,000 MPa in yield strength.
Our proprietary grades mean that we can deliver the best material for your need, regardless of the type of machinery, real-world conditions or type of application.

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Customer Story
“Our hydraulic tubes are trusted by leading manufacturers worldwide. Their strength-to-weight ratio delivers the same performance at a lower weight for better maneuverability.”