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OCTG, Line pipe, Metallurgy

Crucial building blocks for CCUS

Storing CO2 underground is an innovative solution that will allow industry players to reduce their carbon emission and limit their environmental impact. Vallourec is developing the tubular and manufacturing solutions to bring this technology to life.

OCTG Products

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)

Inserting durable, pressure and corrosion resistant tubular solutions are crucial to building a safe carbon reservoir. Vallourec provides several types of casing and tubing, including conductor casing, surface casing, intermediate casing, production casing, production and injection tubing. Our seamless carbon steel pipes and stainless-steel tubes are highly corrosion-resistant and available in a large range of diameters.

Our expertise in threading allows us to deliver durable products and long-lasting casing that can withstand harsh environments and ensuring firm sealing. Our VAM® premium connections, including VAM® TOP and VAM® 21 are designed to provide gas-tight connections. With a global network of licensees and the VAM® Field Expert Team, you can count on our expertise for all your OCTG needs.


Material selection is a crucial element of developing a reservoir for CO2 storage, and is especially crucial for developing the tubular solutions that can withstand temperature, pressure and corrosion factors. Based on field data and CO2 stream analysis, Vallourec provides support for material selection for customized products involved in carbon transportation and injection. We offer years of expertise and a selection of durable, premium products made from a range of recommended materials. With our range of available grades, from standard to premium, we offer technical solutions that can withstand extreme environments.

Line Pipes
Line Pipes – Premium Welding

To ensure the safe transfer of CO2 from storage stations into underground wells, operators require tightly sealed tubular solutions. Vallourec’s line pipes are welded together by our subsidiary Serimax, which offers fully integrated welding and fabrication onsite. By welding tubes together every 12-13 meters, we can produce pipelines over 150 km long.
Serimax’s experts continuously develop new technologies to meet the challenges of customers, even in the most extreme environments. They offer the most extensive fleets of specialized pipeline welding in the world. With welding experts across five regional hubs, Serimax is the leader in offshore, land, sub-sea and fabrication welding.

Premium welding solutions

We offer customized welding and firing line solutions for the most challenging projects.

  • Welding engineering
  • Full turnkey project management
  • Focus on operational delivery & excellence
  • Subcontractor management (NDE, FJC, and other associated services)
  • Global reach, local delivery



Welds: 200,000
Projects: 70
Countries: 20
People: More than 1000 across 5 regional operating centers

Our Role in Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage