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A versatile source of renewable energy

Biomass is an abundant source of renewable energy contributing to a more sustainable, economically viable energy landscape. Vallourec is rising to meet the challenges of this growing market, developing high-quality, sophisticated materials and components for biomass boilers.

Our Innovations

Dedicating our expertise to bioenergy production

Bioenergy is a renewable energy source derived from organic materials known as biomass that can be used to produce fuel, electricity and heat.
The major challenge for the bioenergy industry is enhancing the efficiency of biomass electricity production, which is currently below that of gas or nuclear power. This is due to the generic materials used in most biomass boiler tubing, which must be regularly replaced due to deterioration and leakage.

A strong portfolio of partnerships and solutions

Vallourec is using its robust R&D capabilities and technical expertise to develop new high-quality, durable, corrosion-resistant tubulars to enhance the efficiency of bioenergy production. We are supporting the biomass market through laboratory testing of new tubular solutions that can enhance efficiency while maintaining a competitive price point.

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Bioenergy is a greenhouse gas-neutral solution with clear potential to meet worldwide energy needs. Vallourec is pushing to develop the durable, sophisticated products clients need to make bioenergy efficient and sustainable in the long-term.