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Civil Construction

Tubular solutions for steel construction and infrastructure

For technically demanding buildings and bridges and cost-effective, easy-to-fabricate structures Vallourec offers a wide range of solutions. Our seamless hot-finished steel tubes in different dimensions as well as PREON® box, a solution for standardized systems, make your construction plans a reality.

Superior load-bearing capacity
Safe, durable and sustainable
Advanced production performance
Seamless with excellent weldability
Aesthetic and efficient design
For filigree and versatile steel structures

Sustainability for modern structures

Seamless steel tubes are perfectly suited for safe and aesthetic buildings. Thanks to their strength and robustness, they can support wide spans without the need for view-blocking columns. 
civil construction application

  • Airports and terminals
  • Sport stadiums
  • Event halls
  • Stations
  • Skyscrapers
  • Glass facades

For public projects such as bridges, steel tubes provide a sustainable solution that fit nicely with natural environments. It is commonly used for complete designs and for elements like stiffeners and bracings. 

civil construction application

  • Pedestrian and bicycle bridges
  • Motorway bridges
  • Railway bridges

To complete our offer for civil construction, Vallourec also provides special tubes for foundations like Piles and Anchors.

Our Products

Seamless steel tubes for unique and standard structures

For decades, Vallourec is an active member of CIDECT, supporting the development of design rules for structural hollow sections. As a result, the Eurocode 3, covering design and construction rules for steel structures, are driven by CIDECT.
Due to long lasting expertise and production feasibilities, our offer will meet the challenges of your construction project. Offering a wide range of sizes and shapes – mainly in round, square and rectangular, our tubes support your design and fabrication processes thru: 

  • Design flexibility – thanks to wide range of steel grades
  • Outperforming to requirements of EN 10210 
  • Weight savings – due to better sectional properties 
  • Best-in-class buckling resistance 
  • Sound weldability 
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Easy processing – as there is no distortion 
  • Time savings – due to tight corner radii (Link) 
  • Aesthetic and efficient design
  • Availability – also in small order quantity

Our PREON® box solution for halls and hangars

Wide, column-free, flexible-space halls require strong facades and roof constructions with large, unsupported spans. For cost-effective industrial buildings, our PREON® box solution is an iterative software  that quickly creates static calculations based on steel Structural Hollow Sections. It offers extra flexibility: you can change your design as needed: PREON® box updates the static calculations instantly. From single to multi-bay halls with spans up to 100m or more, PREON® box optimizes your design and offers a high potential for time and cost savings.

Grades & Sizes

Worth to mention that our technical team – having long lasting experience in different applications – is eager to support you in material selection and design.

Documents and Resources
Learn about how PREON® box can optimize your hall or hangar construction project
Customer Story
“Installing the new narrow-gage railway bridge at Lanciau, Switzerland, required extremely fast production and installation. With only ten weeks to complete the job, we also had to ensure the new bridge would fit in with the natural surroundings. We worked hand-in-hand with the customer to ensure the success of this project .” Source: T Ingénierie SA (CH)

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