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Environmental Product Declaration

Vallourec All Markets Worldwide
Company Description

As at December 31, 2023, its facilities included:

  • 3 steel mills, including 1 in Germany, Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann (HKM – 20%-owned by the Group), 1 each in the United States and Brazil;
  • 8 hot-rolling units, including 6 rolling mills and 2 forges in Europe, the United States, Brazil and Asia;
  • 5 Research and Development centers;
  • 24 finishing units;
  • numerous sales offices and service centers located near our customers;
  • a group of forestry assets and an iron ore mine in Brazil.

The Group has nearly 2.1 million metric tons of rolled tube production capacity, distributed across its three operating regions.

Detailed Product Description

Vallourec provides customers with a wide range of premium tubular products combined with innovative and value-added digital solutions to help them meet their operational challenges with safety as a top priority. The Group’s offer includes:

  • one of the most extensive range of seamless tubes in the world, including sizes and proportions (length, diameter, thickness) of up to 711 millimeters in outside diameter (OD), and a variety of more than 250 steel grades (high-grade and low grade carbon steel alloys, stainless steels, nickel alloys, etc.);
  • world-renowned premium connections, including VAM® connections and accessories;
  • specialty tubes;
  • and a complete offer of innovative and digital services.
Outside diameter (OD) Wall Thickness (WT) Yield Strength (YS) Grades
PLP From 60mm to 711mm From 6.3mm to 100mm - ASTM,
API up to X65S
DNV up to X80Q
OCTG From 2 3/8" to 26" From 3/16" to 1" From 55 to 150 ksi API standards (API 5CT) High Collapse
High Strength
Sour service carbon
Super 13CR
13 CR
Corrosion resistant
(including Nickel-based, Austenitic, Duplex, Super Duplex)
Industry Circular: 21.3mm to 711mm
Square: 40x40mm to 400X400mm
Rectangular: 50x30 mm to 500x300mm
Shaped tubes in above mentionned dimensional range
Circular: 2.9mm to 150mm
Square: 2.9mm to 25mm
Rectangular: 2.9mm to 25mm
Shaped tubes in above mentionned dimensional range
From 51.5 to 220 ksi
(355-1,500 Mpa)
Basic Structural Grades according to EN 10210 mechanical Grades and Multicert® series
Engineering Grades Forterior®
and Spirafort® series
Advanced Engineering Grades Avadur® series and bearing grades, alloyed, heat treatable steels, case hardening steels, unalloyed heat treatable steels
Offshore Grades Oceanfit® series
Fine-Grain High Strength Grades, FineXcell® series
Ballistic Protection Grades Durascilt® series
Calculation Rules
Calculation Rules

A1 Raw material supply | Upstream Process

Module A1 (Raw material supply) includes the extraction and processing of all raw materials and energy carriers necessary for the production of the final product, as well as the upstream processes needed for the production and processing of all other inputs (ex. packaging).


  • Forestry (Florestal Eucalyptus forest) with biogenic CO2 and CH4 emissions from charcoal carbonization (Brazil), with emissions of CO2 compensated by forest sequestration;
  • Biofuels combustion of biogenic charcoal in pelletization plant and blast furnace (Jeceaba, Brazil) with emissions of CO2 compensated by forest sequestration;
  • Purchased steel bars/ingots and tubes;
  • Extraction and Processing of raw materials, specifically for Iron & Steel production, such as steel scrap, pig iron, coke, coal, lime, limestone, ferroalloys, all supplied for Youngstown (USA) and Jeceaba (Brazil) integrated sites with steel mills;
  • Steel manufacturing processes: Eucalyptus forest, charcoal production and iron mine both in Brazil, pelletization plant in Brazil, steel mills.

A2  Transport from mill to mill | Core Process

The transport of all raw materials from the provider to the production site is included.


  • Transportation of purchased steel to rolling mills (in Europe and China);
  • Transportation of raw materials to Youngstown (USA) and Jeceaba (Brazil) integrated sites with steel mills;
  • Relevant means of transport:rail, truck, barge, sea freight.

A3 Manufacturing | Core Process

The manufacturing process, including energy and water consumption, direct emissions and waste treatment arising from this stage, is taken into account in module A3 (Manufacturing).


  • Tubes manufacturing processes: rolling mills,heat treatment and finishing plants worldwide;
  • Production and consumption of natural gas for energy production;
  • Production and consumption of fuels (gasoline, diesel, propane) for internal transportation;
  • Generation, transportation and consumption of electricity purchased from public and private providers;
  • Transportation of steel bars and of semi-finished tubular products between Vallourec facilities;
  • Water intake for the manufacturing processes (mainly for cooling of machines and of products) and discharge of wastewater;
  • Treatment process of waste generated by the manufacturing processes.

A4 Transport to final destination | Downstream Process

It includes the transport of final products to the clients in module A4 (Transport).


  • Transport of tubular products to final customer destination;
  • 4 regions from which Vallourec operates were considered: North America, South America, Europe/Africa and, Middle East/Asia;
  • Means of transport can combine rail, trucks, barges and sea vessels.
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