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Deep Offshore / High-Pressure High-Temperature

Tailor-made solutions, reliable products and extensive experience for the most challenging wells on earth

Deep Offshore or HPHT wells have in common to be extremely challenging technically and leave no place for mistake. Vallourec has developed, qualified and supplied a wide range of pipes, connections and specific services for many of the most technical offshore and/or HPHT projects across the globe. Turn the challenge into success.

Our Solutions

Whether you operate in deepwater (water depth greater than 5000 feet) or in HPHT applications (Bottom Hole Pressure exceeding 15,000 psi or Bottom Hole Temperature exceeding 350°F), the quality and reliability of the OCTG products and services become paramount.

Reliability with Vallourec starts with pipes and connections designed, tested and manufactured to the highest standards (API 5C5:2017 CAL IV, API 5CT PSL 3…) with extensive track records in the most critical projects over the world.

VAM® 21 is the industry reference Threaded and Coupled premium connection for such critical applications and has been tested to temperature up to 455°F (235°C) or internal pressure up to 28 500 psi.

VAM® HP connection, High Collapse or Enhanced grades have been specifically qualified to address extreme pressures typical of annulus pressure build-up, worst-case-discharge load case or challenging formations.

THERMOCASE® VIT (Vacuum Insulated Tubing) offers the highest level of thermal insulation available in down-hole tubulars and has been solution of choice to mitigate Annulus Pressure Build-up issues in many offshore or HPHT projects.

Reliability is also delivered from specific services helping to maximize well integrity while minimizing cost of challenging projects:
• Material selection service where our expertise in metallurgy and corrosion test database helps to select the safest and most economical pipe material (13Cr/S13Cr, Duplex, Super Duplex etc.)

• Tailor-made pipe inspection services (wall mapping or pipe wall segregation) and associated services to optimize pipe utilization in the well,
• Accessory support and Field Service

Documents & Resources
Advanced Support for Well Optimization guide
Across all applications, from conventional and unconventional fields, offshore and onshore, to special applications such as geothermal, we support you with competitive and innovative solutions and grades, and help you select the products and services you need.


Discover Data-Enhanced Solutions

Discover Data-Enhanced Solutions
Customer story
Gulf of Mexico
“A next generation of analysis to validate consistent production and early communication between operator and Vallourec lead to the project’s success.”
“Vallourec has been actively involved in HPHT projects globally over the last 30 years. The Group has developed extensive knowledge and capabilities through its interaction with operators on their projects worldwide. This has generated numerous lessons learned including mitigation of issues, improved efficiency, increased analysis and enhanced performance.”
Gulf of Mexico
Oil and gas drilling platform
VAM® responded quickly to demand for new products.” Wlisses Afonso, Petrobras Customer

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