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The industry reference for premium connections.
The industry reference for premium connections.

VAM TOP® is recognized as setting the standard in reliability and performance in threaded and coupled premium connections. With a track record of over 30 years, the connection minimizes the risks that result from the most severe combined loads making it a suitable solution for even the most critical applications. The VAM TOP® product line also includes several specific designs for increased performances in torque (VAM TOP® HT), compression (VAM TOP® HC) or fatigue (VAM TOP® FE).

Extensive offer
Large range of sizes and grades, for all types of applications.
Field Proven
30 years of extensive track records on a wide variety of fields and applications.
High Performance
Large performance envelope and reliable design for easy running.
Performance, Application & Product Range


  • In Tension, VAM TOP® is stronger than the pipe
  • In Compression, rating up to 100% PBYS
  • Excellent gas sealability
  • Bending up to 30°/100 feet with sealability
  • Extensive testing program according to the industry standards (including ISO 13679 CAL-IV)
  • Field proven with numerous track records


  • Production casing
  • Tubing
  • Liner
  • Tie-back
  • HP/HT well designs
Product Range
Product Range


  • Sizes: From 2 3/8” to 16”
  • Grades: Carbon, Martensitic stainless steel (13%CR & Super 13%CR), Duplex, Super Duplex and Nickel base Alloys
  • Yield Strengths: 55 ksi to 140 ksi
  • Enhanced products:
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VAM TOP® Running Guidelines Poster
To help you optimize our connections' running, we have developed a dedicated poster summarizing running recommandations from our VAM® Field Service teams. To download it, please fill in the form below.
Customer Story
A continuous success story

VAM TOP® is the most widely used Threaded and Coupled premium connection in both tubing and casing sizes. Every minute since the beginning of its success story, a pipe threaded with VAM TOP® is run in a well. 20 million pipes More than 1,000 operators

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