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Best Fit

A digital solution for pipeline traceability, fit-up and construction

Using powerful digital technology, Best Fit provides full visibility on achievable Hi-Lo for any pipe brand, allowing you to anticipate welding operations and mitigate risks. Your teams can use the smartphone app to make faster fit-up decisions and maximize operational efficiency.

Derisk your pipeline projects
Eliminate non conformities, improve ECA accuracy
Maximize efficiency
Ease pipeline fit-up operations and improve HiLo repeatability
No sequencing required
Reduce “no matches” time on-board
Our Solution


Prediction of HiLo

Using unique pipe-end identification technology, our advanced algorithm provides a deterministic analysis of the data to accurately predict the HiLo resulting from all possible pipe-end combinations and anticipate operational constraints.

Intelligent Pipe Grouping

We can identify specific pipes for the critical zone (fatigue-sensitive zones) and segregate these from the rest. We then propose intelligent pipe grouping with tailored recommendations to maximize the compatibility of pipes on the firing line.

Best Fit App

Our mobile app allows welders on the firing line to instantly identify whether pipe-ends have full compatibility for welding, whether compatibility can be achieved with pipe rotation, or whether the pipe needs to be withdrawn temporarily from the firing line and then reintroduced into the firing line at a later moment. The mobile app is operated autonomously by your teams.

Live Pipe Data

An as-built digital tally of the line pipe construction is automatically generated in an easy-to-exploit format and alerts functionalities related to the cumulative pipe length not being within the optimum range.

Discover Best Fit
How Does
It Work?


1- Each pipe end is tagged to ensure unique identification


2- Pipe end laser measurement anywhere, anytime


3- Analysis of all Hi-Lo


4- Recommendations
for faster fit-up
Track Record
Track Record


30+ projects 

10+ satisfied customers

> 50,000 high-quality welds

Onshore & offshore welding | Seamless & welded pipe | Field-proven benefits

Documents & Resources
Best Fit Pipe Data
Best Fit Tag Tally
Customer Story
Laser-end Measurement Solution
"Vallourec provided a laser-end measurement solution to solve fit-up issues in the Americas"
Pipe End Measurement
“Impressive reactivity & availability” “The team was able to mobilize in about two weeks, adapting to our project tight schedule”
Compatibility Analysis
“Anticipation is key to successful operations, Best Fit offer us the same for fit-up” “We saw Best Fit potential on HiLo reduction when we received the first report”
Best-Fit-Finder App
“App is very intuitive and user friendly” “Being able to adjust parameters easily and in autonomy is a real plus” “Solution is robust – 100% availability of the app during operations”
Best-Fit-Finder during Fit-up
“We would have dreamed to use your app on our previous job” “At the beginning, I was suspicious on the marked area. After few HiLo checks, I’ve been convinced by the reliability and accuracy of the solution” “It really eases fit-up operations”

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