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Intelligent Pipe Solution

Open a new era for your well monitoring.

Simple and easy to use, the Intelligent Pipe solution becomes your eyes inside the well.

Vallourec, leader in premium tubular solutions, partners with OpenField Technology, a start-up recognized for its high-tech sensors, to develop a visionary solution for well monitoring. Our solution contributes to protect our planet by preventing any issues thanks to well data.

Reinforce your well Integrity
By monitoring pressure & temperature of your entire wellbore in real-time & anticipating any anormal annulus behavior and avoiding failure
Characterize your well environments
By giving access to the formation beyond your casing and capturing any geological movements
Optimize your Performances
By providing key well parameters during its entire lifecycle, optimizing production efficiency & improving resource management

Intelligent Pipe solution, Reinforce, Characterize, and Optimize your wells and ultimately protect our planet.

Our Solution
Our Solution
Don’t be left in the dark, get your well data in real time
How we do it
Intelligent pipe solution: a unique offer covering the entire well lifespan
Don’t be left in the dark, get your well data in real time
How we do it
Intelligent pipe solution: a unique offer covering the entire well lifespan
Combining technologies and expertise from Vallourec and Openfield, the Intelligent Pipe solution provides you with key well parameters even in inaccessible areas. Building on Vallourec’s extensive expertise in tubulars, premium connections, material corrosion, services, and well integrity together with Openfield Technology’s recognized know-how in high-tech sensor and data collection for the Oil & Gas industry, Intelligent Pipe solution has been specifically designed for use in all Threaded and Coupled strings installed in all E&P and storage activities. The collected well data, associated with Vallourec’s experience, will help you better analyze and monitor your wells over their lifespan and optimize your operations.

Sensors are embed in the pipes, capturing and transmiting key information from different annuli from different positions in the well. Using OpenField’s proprietary sensor technology, Vallourec’s Intelligent pipe solution delivers the slimmest monitoring system available in the market.
This easy and modular solution answers your main challenges:

  • Well integrity: You are now able to monitor your entire wellbore in real-time
  • Formation or reservoir characterization: You have access to the well parameters even beyond our casing
  • Well performance: Live optimization of your operations thanks to accurate well data.

Leveraging Vallourec’s vast metallurgical database and scientists, Intelligent Pipe solution delivers accurate, long-term visibility of your well’s performance. Combined with the support of our experts and our pipe database, our solution gives you the opportunity to perform a real-time pipe integrity assessment.

One offer built around three main pillars:


  • Our Intelligent Pipe accessory: A modular solution qualified as a VAM® connection for integrity purposes and unique thanks to the use of the high-tech miniaturized sensor technology
  • Our experts and their digital solutions who support you from well design to running operation via our VAM® Field Service team and our Smartengo Running Expert application.
  • Our unique pipe database which gives you access to the real pipe performance such as the actual collapse and burst value
Our solution for all your E&P, storage or geothermal projects
  • Annulus monitoring
  • Formation or reservoir characterization
  • Wells interference / cross-flow characterization
  • Support your P&A and decommissioning operation
  • Detection of specific gasses, such as CO2 or methane
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Webcast “Intelligent Pipe Solution – Monitoring Your Well From the Inside” 

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Discover Vallourec's Intelligent Pipe solution
Customer Story
Intelligent Pipe delivers real-time data for well integrity assessment
In its July/August 2021 edition, Offshore magazine (France Supplement) gave the floor to François-Xavier Bulard, to find out more about the Intelligent Pipes Solution. “Allowing operators to access real-time data while monitoring the well’s performance could prevent such issues arising. Vallourec has developed ‘Intelligent Pipes’, a new way of delivering continuous, real-time well data to assess well integrity and performance.”

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