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Inventory Management

Reduce your operational expenditures and get full digital visibility on your stock and yard management thanks to our robust processes and digital traceability system.

In your yards or in our local service bases, we take care of the storage and maintenance of pipes and accessories to guarantee their integrity and availability at any time, in line with Vallourec safety and quality standards. Our digital solution gives you real-time visibility on your stocks and pipe data, allowing you to accelerate your decision making process.

Generate direct savings & reduce working capital
By reducing pipe scrap, buffer stocks, improving stock rotation and optimizing resources
Focus on high value activities
By performing stock management actions faster and optimizing tubular operations
Standardize stock management
Uniformize processes, turn teams more efficient & autonomous and access real time data
Our Solution

Traceability & data

Thanks to a unique traceability ID (RFID tag) on pipe you have access to real time data and a full visibility on your tubulars.

Inventory & stock management

Our digital solution provides you with a dedicated stock management software and a field mobile app. Using these tools and data, you can reduce stock and improve stock rotation by 20%. Standardization of your operational activities is facilitated: using our digital solution is 3x faster than manual operations and helps you reduce inventory losses.

Yard assistance & quality tools

  • Field app & reader
  • Inspection pipe tools 
  • Rig preparation tool
  • Automatic pipe service certificate

Online stock visibility & analytics

With our online dashboard you can have full visibility on your tubular supply chain and a full range of information: pipe location, stock status worldwide, KPIs and analytics.

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Customer Stories
Reduce number of operations
“A leading operator consulted with us to help identify cost savings. We deployed VAM® best-in-class processes to limit operational waste and optimized operation sequencing with a unique focal point. This helped reduce the number of operations in the buffer zone and on the critical path. The result: 40% less TMS cost per well, 40% fewer man hours at the rig and a 20% gain in running efficiency, for significant TMS savings.”
Integrated Digital Solution
“For a leading operator facing serious rig return operation issues, we put in place an integrated, digital solution. Our customer was able to reduce stock by 16%, use 57% fewer suppliers and reduce inventory loss by 90%. Our customer also saw a $30 million positive cash effect and $6 million per year in cost savings.”
Customized Stock Management Plan
“When a customer contacted us with significant stock management challenges, we put in place a customized stock management plan. Our “stabilize, then improve” strategy meant we studied the condition of existing stock and performed random checks and reorganized the yard design. As a result, the customer was able to reduce stock by 25%, reduce their footprint by 15% and scrap or resell items worth approximately $400,000.”
Processes & Procedures Improvement
“For a customer struggling with stockyard supervision and management challenges, we helped them come up with a strategy. By putting in place a Vallourec stockyard manager in their yard for three years, we helped them improve processes and procedures. As a result, they were able to reduce stock levels by 35%, reduce their footprint by 25% and reduce handling damage by 40%.”

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