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Yellow Goods

Strong, light and durable

Yellow goods need to be strong enough to manage heavy loads yet light enough to be easily maneuverable, with powerful hydraulics that can stand up to intense conditions. Our seamless structural tubes, hollow sections and hydraulic tubes optimize your yellow goods design, ensuring their durability and stress-resistance

Strength and durability
With premium grades to withstand multi-axial and fatigue stress
Weight optimization
For high-performing, lighter-weight equipment
Uniform hardness for better processing
Homogeneous material properties through the cross section

Thanks to their outstanding technical characteristics, our steel tubes, hollow sections and hydraulic tubes require less steel, optimizing the cost and weight of your design.


  • Bulldozers
  • Forklifts
  • Earth-moving equipment
  • Quarrying equipment
Our Products

When durability and strength are essential, structural tubes, hollow sections and hydraulic tubes offer significant advantages. With no seams or welds that could reduce strength, and available in a wide range of wall thicknesses and grades to optimize your designs, our products ensure your yellow goods can handle the toughest jobs.

Grades & Sizes

We offer a range of standard and premium steel grades for every application.

For Yellow goods, our FineXcell® and Forterior® ranges offer additional strength and lightness.

Our most advanced range of high-strength fine-grain steel, FineXcell® offers unparalleled performance for the most demanding applications, where weight, strength and load-bearing capacity are key.

Our proprietary steel Forterior® has incredible yield strength, ranging from 370 to 590MPa, depending on the grade, and guarantees good impact test values up to -40°C. It is available in six grades as well as a vast range of sizes and dimensions in both tubes and hollow sections.

Customer Story
“From hydraulics to frames to structures and beyond, we offer specialized tubular products to optimize the design, use and maintenance of yellow goods.”