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Geothermal Energy

Optimizing costs for Geothermal Wells

Geothermal is a clean, renewable, sustainable energy source used for power generation and district heating/cooling. Removing thermal energy from the ground is a challenging process, and geothermal wells must withstand extreme conditions. Vallourec’s tubular solutions allow geothermal assets to resist corrosion, intense pressure and high temperatures.

Our Solutions

Engineering tubular solutions for geothermal wells

Geothermal has proven potential as a clean energy source that can be accessed 24/7. Geothermal energy can be used distributed through turbines for power generation, or feed directly into district cooling or heating systems. However, the investment required to drill geothermal wells is high, and operators have traditionally offset these costs by using basic tubulars. This approach can be insufficient, and a potentially risky choice for operators in the long-term. Since geothermal wells are meant to operate for decades at a time, their tubulars must be able to consistently withstand a harsh environment. Choosing the right tubular solutions is critical to ensuring resistance to corrosion, erosion, changing temperature cycles and more, and can help owners optimize the costs of their geothermal assets.

An experienced pipe supplier with cutting-edge R&D

Vallourec offers a wide range of products, including:

  • Standard basic API
  • semi-premiums with liquid-tight properties
  • Premium, gas-tight connections

We offer high-performance steel tubulars that can withstand extreme corrosion, high pressure and a range of temperatures. With over 30 years of experience, worldwide manufacturing capabilities and dedicated R&D and testing facilities, Vallourec is ideally positioned to assess reservoirs and advise on the right materials and connections for geothermal projects.

VAM® 21
VAM® 21 Connections


VAM® 21 is the latest generation of advanced premium T&C connections qualified up to 350°C as per TWCEEP. As strong as the pipe and fully validated against API RP 5C5:2017 / ISO 13679:2019 CAL-IV across the entire product line, its innovative design has proven to be the extremely reliable on the field, whatever the application, even the most critical.


Internal pressure rating: 100% pipe body
Collapse rating: 100% API 5C3 (or HC)
Tension and Compression capacity: 100% pipe body with sealability
Qualified as per Thermal Well Casing Connection Evaluation Protocol (TWCCEP) protocol for Thermal Wells up to 350°C (662°F)
Bending capacity up to 42°/100 ft under combined loads
Gas sealability validated as per API RP 5C5:2017 / ISO 13679:2019 CAL-IV, including at Maximum Torque with Sealability (MTS)
Innovative VAMdddd Stabilizer lip design for improved stabbing performance and seal protection against rough handling
Fast and reliable running thanks to patented, optimized thread profile

Product Range

Available in OD sizes from 3 1/2″ to 16″
Carbon Steels including SS and HC grades, 13Cr, S13Cr and Corrosion Resistant Alloys
Yield Strengths from 80 to 140 ksi
Available with CLEANWELL®, the VAM® dope-free solution
Discover VAM® 21

THERMOCASE® VIT: Maximizing heat extraction

THERMOCASE® VIT is a high-performance double wall insulated tubing using a durable Gettered Vacuum MLI (Multi Layer Insulation) System suitable for advanced geothermal systems such as closed loop geothermal systems.
THERMOCASE® VIT (Vacuum Insulated Tubing) minimizes fluid heat loss, increasing well power output and making the most of operators’ resources.
Documents and Resources

Webcast – Leveraging Oil & Gas expertise to enhance geothermal projects worldwide

October 2022 | Maximilien de Maisonneuve and François Penven
Geothermal operators are facing several technical challenges that need to be tackled to ensure that geothermal wells are reliable on the long-run and optimized in terms of heat supply efficiency. The premium solutions (material, grades and services) that have been used for decades in Oil & Gas activities show promising results in enhancing geothermal wells’ reliability and performance. However, specific evaluations need to be performed to guarantee their compatibility.
In this webcast, Maximilien De Maisonneuve and François Penven, in charge of the Geothermal division at Vallourec, introduce how available technologies at Vallourec can help geothermal operators meet challenging scenarios as well as to ensure their projects’ cost effectiveness. These solutions will be illustrated by some real business cases. Finally, the speakers also shed some light on what the future of tubular solutions could look like for the next generation of geothermal wells.

News – Vallourec is proud to join the International Geothermal Association!

May 2021 
Geothermal power is a clean, renewable, dispatchable and versatile source of energy and is poised to be a key contributor is the decarbonization of our economies.
We believe our expertise in geothermal wells will contribute to the standardization efforts initiated by the IGA, and ultimately help unleash the full potential of geothermal power!

News – Helping the geothermal industry gather steam

Jan. 2021 | by Alvaro Rodriguez and Pierre-Etienne Bougon
The Earth is constantly radiating heat from radioactive decay. 
By harvesting this underground heat, geothermal plants can produce continuous power all year round, making geothermal energy the only baseload and dispatchable renewable energy source.

Our Role in Geothermal Energy
Customer Story
VAM® 21 has once again gone beyond standard applications to meet the requirements needed to extract hot fluid from geothermal wells. The premium connection was recently installed in two of Geo Dipa Energi’s geothermal wells in the Dieng Plateau in Indonesia withstanding temperatures of up to 330°C. “We are very satisfied with the results obtained with VAM® 21 in our Dieng well, VAM® 21 was ran quickly and efficiently with zero rejects.” Yudi Hartono, Geo Dipa Energi Drilling Manager
“Vallourec provided VAM® Premium Connections for a thermal well in Djibouti with downhole reservoir temperatures of 360º C. These tubular solutions are designed to resist corrosion and some of the highest temperatures in the geothermal world.”
“One of our geothermal well projects in Mexico involved a deviated well with reservoir temperatures of 320º C. We installed over 1,000 meters of premium OCTG products to ensure the piping could withstand the mechanical loading of the project.”
“In Germany, Vallourec assisted with development of a geothermal well over 5,000 meters deep, one of the greatest depths possible. We worked closely with clients to ensure the technical aspects of the project, providing the necessary premium connections very quickly.”

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