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Pipe Navigator

A centralized portal to digitalize every aspect of your line pipe project

Pipe Navigator is a centralized web portal that offers instant access to up-to-date contractual documentation, data and analysis covering every aspect of your line pipe project. Use the web app to share information and customize data-driven insights so you can enhance efficiency, anticipate operations and feed your digital twin.

Centralize all project data
Reduce vendor QC management & Reduce manufacturing book issuance lead time
Instant data-driven insights
Ease access to pipe information & Ease pipe sorting
Feed your digital twin
Enable performance oriented approaches & Rely on data centric systems
Our Solution

Document management: A single source of truth for project documents, easing execution.

  • E-Doc : Your storage place for all project daily documents: progress reports, minutes of meetings. 
  • Databook: Allows storage of contractual project documents, resulting in faster manufacturing dossier issuance. 
  • Digital TPI: Enables your representatives to digitally endorse all project documents and inspection reports – a leaner & faster way for document approval. 

Data Explorer: All pipes’ data available in database format, enabling data driven insights and anticipating operations. 

  • Data driven insights thanks to Data Analysis features 
  • Anticipate upcoming operations thanks to easy pipe sorting 
  • Feed your digital twin extracting data in excel or PDEF format 
How does it work?

1. Select your project and product

2. Access all current and past data & documentation

3. Personalize and share data charts

4. Use analytics to promote operational efficiency

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