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Agricultural Machinery

Strength and durability

In order to reach the highest level of efficiency, agricultural equipment has developed into highly automated, soil and process specific machines. They have to work reliably at high and frequently GPS – controlled speed levels – strong and durable enough to challenge the often-demanding regional soil qualities and climate conditions in the world’s biggest agricultural regions. To address those requirements our steel solutions, combine great weldability and adequate yield strength.

Extra resistance
Capable of handling all types of soil and climate conditions
Strong performance steel
From standard to premium grades
Great weldability
Good weldability for improved product life cycle

Our high-quality tubular solutions are well suited for all types of agricultural machinery applications, including frames, axles, rollover protective structures and more.

Agricultural machinery uses include:

  • Ploughs
  • Cultivators
  • Sowing machines
  • Rotary harrows
  • Harvesters
  • Combine harvesters
  • Field choppers
  • Field sprayers
  • Tractors
Our Products

Seamless round, square and rectangular hollow sections combine several advantages that qualify them as the ideal material for frame constructions in the design of agricultural equipment. High load bearing capacity and excellent weldability for easy processing combine with tight corner radii for enlarged contact surfaces, thus optimizing any type of design and component connection. Homogeneous material properties due to hotforming add strength and durability and may even be optimized by choosing fine grades that withstand even highest levels of multi-axial and fatigue stress.

  • Seamless cold formed sections in Grade B according to ASTM A500
  • Seamless hot formed Structural Hollow Sections in standard grade S355J2H according to EN 10210 or ASTM A501
  • Special grades for agricultural equipment
    • Forterior® 450
    • Forterior® 500 
    • Forterior® 620 
    • FineXcell® 690 
    • FineXcell® 770 
    • FineXcell® 890 
    • FineXcell® 960
Grades & Sizes

Available in standard and advanced grades, we have solutions for your specific needs. 
Our Forterior® and FineXcell® grades enhance your design with extra resistance, even for the highest multi-axial and fatigue stresses. They also support the design of weight-optimized structures without compromising on performance. This means either: 

  • Less material is needed and equipment can be lighter


  • Performance is enhanced, but with the same total weight 

About Forterior®

  • High yield strength with a range between 450-620 MPa
  • Impact test values guaranteed up to -20°
  • Dedicated to performance welding

About FineXcell®

  • High yield strength with a range between 690-960 MPa
  • Impact test values guaranteed up to -50°
  • Outstanding weldability


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Our customers in Europe, South America and North America among others: Grégoire Besson, Horsch, Kuhn, Kverneland group, Lemken