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Axles for Trucks & Trailers

High flexibility in design

Our tubular product portfolio is perfect to create optimal solutions for axle systems in any kind of mobile equipment, especially commercial vehicles & trailers. Round tubes, square/rectangular hollow profiles and forged axle beams are manufactured in seamless condition from hot finished steel by our global production sites in Brazil, Germany, France and China.

Extraordinary large product range
Unique selection of sizes with tightest tolerances & many optional extra features perfectly fitted for your application
Outstanding material properties
Rich variety of grades with superior strength, high toughness, low carbon equivalent for excellent weldability & advanced cleanliness
Services and high flexibility
Just-in-time delivery and ready for customer's subsequent processing

Various solutions for axles 

We offer seamless hot-rolled round tubes and square/rectangular hollow profiles for axles, as well as forged axle beams for different kinds of vehicles:   

  • Trailers of trucks and passenger cars
  • Commercial vehicles: rear driven and non-driven axles
  • Agricultural and construction machines 
  • Special and heavy-duty vehicles

To meet your specific needs, various additional product characteristics can be customized. 

Our Products

Seamless tubular products for axles of trucks & trailers

From our manufacturing plants all over the world with their highly productive rolling mills, multi-purpose heat-treatment facilities and specific finishing lines we provide:

  • Seamless tubes and profiles (round/square/rectangular/ special shapes)
  • Forged and machined axle components made from seamless tubes (e.g. axle beams with integrated spindles formed by hot forging)


Our product and service portfolio further include on request:

  • High-quality steel from our internal sources
  • Subsequent hot and cold-forming processes
  • Non-destructive testing (US and EMI)
  • Cutting to customized short lengths
  • Outside shot-blasting
  • Outside peeling
  • Outside grinding
  • Forging of ends 
  • Pre-machining of ends
  • Various options of bundling and packaging
  • Customized logistics


Thanks to our tailor-made portfolio for automotive industry you can easily create cost-effective and flexible solutions for your customers.

Grades & Sizes


Available in standard and advanced grades, we have solutions for your specific needs. 
One outstanding grade family for automotive applications is our Forterior® series: less material is needed and equipment can be lighter or performance is enhanced, but with the same total weight.

About Forterior®

  • Enhance your design with extra resistance
  • Support weight-optimized structures without compromising on performance
  • High yield strength with a range between 370 – 650 MPa
  • Impact test values guaranteed down to – 20 °C (also lower on request)
  • Available in many grade variants with specific mechanical properties
  • Outstanding weldability

For more specific and more demanding applications, we offer our high strength fine grain series FineXcell® and our quench & temper engineering grade series Avadur®. Additionally, all typical steel grades are also available in our portfolio. 

From small to big outside diameters (27,5 – 711 mm) and from thin to thick walls (2,9 – 100 mm) we can offer not only all typical standard sizes, but also a huge number of intermediate sizes and shapes. 

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Discover our Tubular Solutions to Drive Innovation in Transportation
Customer Story
“We offer axle solutions for every type of vehicle. We are happy to help our customers determine the right product for their application.”