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PREON® box

Structural Hollow Sections and software for column-free hall construction

PREON® box combines our Structural Hollow Sections with a software tool to drastically simplify the construction of diverse steel structure applications such as industrial halls or solar hangars and saves up to 30% in fabrication costs.

Software tool
Unique, iterative and quick for all stages of planning – especially in conceptional design and easy adaptable to local site conditions
Structural Hollow Sections
Higher static values for up to 30% weight savings
Software-optimized structural design
Reduces cost and production time – eases assembly
About PREON® box
About PREON® box


A unique software tool

Our software planning tool integrates hollow sections from our Vallourec production for foundation and structural calculations based on Eurocode design standard.
The planning tool gives you the data you need at every phase of construction, from the first pre-design studies to readiness of third-party approval. You can easily compare single and multi-aisled structures with the push of a button and immediately know about the budget. With unparalleled design flexibility, you can change parameters, add bays, or increase the roof span: the calculations adapt automatically. With PREON® box, you can build up to 100 meters of column-free spans. 
Unlike traditional structural planning, our software lets you easily and quickly modify statics throughout the design phase, saving you up to 30% in planning time. The planning tool offers significant time and cost savings during the project phase, while the optimized design simplifies fabrication and assembly. In specific, the planning tool can help to design standardized hangars according to your requirements which offer greatest value to a whole series.

Structural Hollow Sections – the material of choice for PREON® box

Our hot-finished hollow sections offer higher static values, for more than 20% weight reduction. Their sharp edges make welding easier, simplifying operations. With less surface area compared to open sections, you benefit from up to 50% savings in surface coating – or ideal corrosion – and fire-resistance materials. Structural Hollow Sections’ closed, simple geometry creates clear lines for a visually impressive structure. For PREON® box, Structural Hollow Sections in standard grade S355J2H according to EN 10210-1 are used.

An international network of experts

Thanks to our global network of planning and execution companies, we can support to make your project a reality anywhere. With regional and international experts, we go with you every step of your project, from design to construction.
You can find some of our realized PREON® box buildings in: 

  • Saint-Nazaire, France
  • Hohenlimburg, Germany
  • Changzhou, China
  • Youngstown, United States
  • Jeceaba, Brazil


PREON® box is most valuable if standardization is needed. 
It is used for various steel structure buildings:

  • Industrial halls
  • Logistic and Cross-Dock Centers
  • Airport hangars
  • Event & Sport buildings
  • Exhibition halls 
  • Photovoltaic hangars and roofing’s
  • and many more.
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