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The experience and expertise of pioneers that helped supply the global revolution of unconventional shale wells.

With the scarcity of conventional hydrocarbon resources, the industry focuses on Unconventional Oil and Gas applications which include all extraction techniques other than the conventional method. Vallourec has been a pioneer in the development and supplies of specific OCTG solutions for the US Shale Oil and Gas revolution with major manufacturing and service centers at the heart of Shale plays. These developments help operators streamline operations, beat budgets and timelines and help increase production in every field. But Vallourec also delivers specific products for thermal stimulations used for Coal Bed Methane, Natural Gas Hydrates or heavy oil extractions.

Our Solutions

In the U.S.A, to ensure consistent supply that keeps operations running, we operate where you drill. Vallourec US local mills and service centers can supply the fast turnaround need of increased drilling schedules. Local content means change orders are agile and local services bring efficiency gains all along the supply chain from traceability solutions to running assistance.

Vallourec also pioneered the engineering of cost effective grades and connections for the specific needs of Shale wells with long laterals, from API enhanced grades for increased burst capacity (ex: P110EC) or mild sour service resistance (ex: P110MS) to premium or semi-premium High Torque connections (VAM® 21 HT, VAM® EDGE SF, DWC/C etc.). Vallourec was actually the very first to design a ‘shale specific test protocol’ simulating the specific combination of fracking cycles, torque, temperature and fatigue cycles.

Besides Shale, Vallourec offer solutions for other Unconventional applications such as heavy oil, oil sands, tight gas or methane hydrates. With connections designed and qualified to extreme temperatures for thermal stimulations wells (ex: VAM® 21 or DWC/C qualified to TWCCEP protocol) or THERMOCASE® VIT providing unmatched solutions for thermal insulation, Vallourec can support any technology challenge associated with exploration and production of Unconventional resources.

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Advanced Support for Well Optimization guide
Across all applications, from conventional and unconventional fields, offshore and onshore, to special applications such as geothermal, we support you with competitive and innovative solutions and grades, and help you select the products and services you need.

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