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Top Tension Risers

Fatigue enhanced connections associated to high strength materials for lighter and high-performing Top Tension Riser strings

Top Tension Riser strings connect a Floating Production Unit (FPU) with to the seafloor using “dry-tree” systems. They are suitable for production facilities like TLPs or Spars and give direct access to the well. Top Tension Riser system can be for Drilling, Production or Completion, Workover applications and are submitted to extreme fatigue and pressure loads.

Our Solutions
Our Solutions

Vallourec is a pioneer and the uncontested industry leader in premium threaded connections for Top Tension Riser systems. We provide top-performing fatigue-enhanced connections which count with extensive track records in most waters of the world, in particular in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Our solutions allow for high-strength, fatigue-enhanced and light-weight high-performing Top Tension Riser strings.

  • Fatigue: sea haul induces cyclic movements of the platform/ vessel and to the Riser string itself and VAM® Risers connectors are designed for high-fatigue applications.
  • Sour Service: specific materials for production casing applications where the string may be submitted to H2S environment.
  • High Pressure: Internal Production pressures might reach 20 ksi on the deepest offshore wells.
  • Tension: high tension capacity is required to keep the Riser string in place.
  • Light-weight: save string weight thanks to the high yield pipes with thinner wall
Top Tension Risers - String Weight vs Pipe Yield Strength
  • Product Lines: VAM TOP® FE, VAM® TTR, and VAM® DR-HW cover all Drilling, Production and Completion/ Workover Risers applications.
  • Tailor-made design: dedicated engineering teams, advanced Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) and specific testing facilities allow us qualifying our VAM® Risers connections per the most stringent protocols like ISO 13679, API RP 5C5, API 17G, ISO 13628-7, or any other customer own specification.
  • High performance connections such as VAM® TTR or VAM® TTR HW (Heavy Wall) that provide excellent fatigue and operational performance, allowing for a high number of Make-and-Breaks.
  • Large range of steel grades: Sour Service and High Strength materials are available in a vast range of external diameters, from 7” to over 22”.
  • We provide you with anti-corrosion solutions such as TSA OD-coatings and ID-coatings that prevent both corrosion and excessive wear.
  • Over 20 years of Field Experience with our VAM TOP ® FE riser connection.
  • Services: including support from our experienced technicians from VAM® Field Services as well as specific smart services like Smartengo Running Expert.
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Discover our Top Tension Riser Connections

Discover our Top Tension Riser Connections
Customer Story
OneSubsea® awards Vallourec a contract to supply work-over risers for Equinor’s Bacalhau field in Brazil “We are very proud to have been selected by OneSubsea® and Equinor for the Bacalhau project. Being selected for the supply of a demanding open water intervention riser system gives us an opportunity to prove that our shaped pipes are highly efficient and competitive. Our Aulnoye-Aymeries PFP® tube mill has unique capabilities to manufacture reliable pipes with upset ends, optimized body weight and versatile options for VAM® or customer-supplied connections.” Hubert Paris, Senior Vice President Europe/Africa - Vallourec
Gulf of Mexico
“VAM TOP® FE and VAM® TTR have become an Industry-trusted standard for Top Tension Riser projects in the main offshore areas, including major operators in Gulf of Mexico. More than 1.180.000 ft have been sold in the last decades.”

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