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High Strength

A solution with enhanced mechanical properties

High temperature derating factors and elevated pressure loads very often lead to heavy and costly well designs. High Strength grades, with enhanced mechanical properties above API, represent a cost-effective alternative to optimize your well design.

Cost effective
Don’t limit your well design to heavy API Q125 strings. For conventional and large developments, Vallourec High Strength grades enable to standardize your well design and reduce the total cost of ownership!
Combined properties
Our High Strength grades chemistry is specially designed to combine both high mechanical and toughness properties, as well as proven sour service resistance at high temperature.
Project enabler
High Strength grades in combination with High Collapse or eXtreme Collapse resistance offer a solution for your most challenging Deep water and HP/HT wells!
Performance, application & Product Range

Thanks to their tight control of Yield Strength, High Strength grades are able to offer enhanced mechanical resistance while still remaining complaint to API 5CT Q125 grade. Additionally, for the most challenging loads, Vallourec has developed VM 150 CY, offering the highest mechanical performance.
In addition to this, thanks to the controlled yield strength range and specially designed chemistry containing chromium and molybdenum, High Strength grades offer sour service resistance at high temperature levels in severe sour environments.

The main applications for High Strength grades are:

  • Large developments with varying mechanical requirements, where it is wished to simplify and standardize the well design.
  • Casing and tubing strings exposed to high external, internal or combined pressure coming from formation, drilling operations or well service.
  • Casing strings exposed to high temperature levels, degrading the mechanical resistance of the string.
  • Strings exposed to mechanical loads in sour environments at high temperature.
  • Slim wells, with tight tolerances, where it is not possible to increase the string weight to increase its mechanical performance.
  • Deep wells or deviated wells sensitive to casing wear.
High Strength High Strength & High Collapse
Application Critical services Ultra-critical services
125ksi VM 125 CY VM 125 CYHC
130ksi VM 130 CY VM 130 CYHC
140ksi VM 140 CY VM 140 CYHC
150ksi VM 150 CY VM 150 CYHC
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Customer Story
Golf of Mexico

Golf of Mexico offshore wells are a challenge for pipes: high internal and external pressure levels, combined with high temperature exposure and sour environments. CY and CYHC products have raised to the challenge