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Alternative cost-effective grade to extend life of completion strings in mild sweet environments

In flow wetted tubulars, OCTG carbon steels are known to suffer from mass loss corrosion in CO2 environments. 3% Chromium grades represent an alternative to reduce corrosion rate, at a lower cost than martensitic stainless steels (13Cr).

Cost effective
For less critical operations, the use of 3Cr grades offers an overall cost-effective tubing string, either replacing costly 13Cr grades, or reducing workover frequency of carbon steel completions related to high corrosion rates.
Technical support
Our Well design and Material selection team can provide a well engineering and cost evaluation support to find the best solution for your project, based on our extensive test database and a dedicated qualification program
Integrated supply
Our 3Cr grades are qualified with our VAM® connections, and supplied from our highly competitive production routes!
Performances & Applications

When carbon steels are exposed to sweet environments, they are susceptible of suffering CO2 mass loss corrosion. 

Regular CS have an unstable protective layer from corrosion products, and this leads to a high and heterogenous corrosion behavior. The addition of 3% chromium to the alloy enhances the protectiveness of this layer, drastically reducing the corrosion rate, hence extending the life of the tubing string and making this product ideal for onshore or shallow water operations.

3Cr grades are suitable for use on:

  • Mature fields
  • Mild sweet environments 
  • Maximum service temperature of 90°C
  • Environments with limited H2S resistance.

For higher temperatures and more severe sweet environments, martensitic stainless steel remain untouched, completely avoiding corrosion thanks to their chromium oxide passive layer.

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OCTG Expertise Center

Every application has specific service requirements to withstand internal and external pressure, high torque, temperature and corrosion. Vallourec offers the full range of material grades and connections to meet your needs. Our Expertise Center is the priviledged place to exchange with our experts.

Customer Story
“3Cr grades were demonstrated as alternative solution to reduce the frequency of carbon steel tubing string replacement, at a reasonable cost for onshore mature fields and wells with short service life in Middle East.”

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