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BTC-compatible design providing more torque and improved performance widely used in Shale applications and for drilling with casing

DWC/C is a very cost competitive product providing higher performance than API-BTC threads, thanks to its optimized thread profile and pin-to-pin shoulder (or coupling shoulder option).
It provides higher compression, bending resistance and higher torque capacity than BTC, making it the perfect solution for onshore applications such as shale plays and geothermal wells, and for drilling with casing challenges.
DWC/C is available with many options to meet operator challenges: higher torque design, internal shoulder coupling, seal ring feature, optimal coupling OD size, and more.

Extensive offer
Large range of sizes and grades, for all types of applications.
Field Proven
30 years of extensive track records on a wide variety of fields and applications.
High Performance
Large performance envelope and reliable design for easy running.
Performance, Application & Product Range


  • Internal pressure rating: 100% pipe body
  • Collapse rating: 100% API 5C3
  • Tension capacity: 100% pipe body
  • Compression capacity: 100% pipe body
  • Tested extensively with fatigue and fit-for-purpose protocols such as Shale load cycles including frac-cycles and bending.
  • Keeping its full performance up to max operating torque
  • Improved bending resistance
  • Enhanced fatigue life
  • Easy running, with repeatable and reliable make-up.


DWC/C products are the solution for non-critical applications requiring a better alternative to BTC:

  • Fracking and Production string in shale oil wells
  • Rotating the strings downhole
  • Drilling with Casing
  • Long laterals in oil wells
  • Geothermal wells
Product Range
Product Range
  • Available in sizes from 3-1/2″ to 13-3/8″
  • Carbon Steels, including SS and Enhanced API grades used in shale plays, and 13Cr
  • Yield Strengths from 55 to 125 ksi
  • HT option for higher torque
  • IS coupling option for internal shoulder
  • PLUS coupling option for higher tension and pressure ratings
  • Seal-ring option (SR)
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Customer Story
A continuous success story
"DWC/C has been the most widely used semi-premium T&C connection in the US shale plays to date. It offered a cost effective solution to operators to overcome recurring issues with API BTC products, such as hoop stress failure of coupling, limited torque capacity, and poor sealability performance. Operators have praised the benefit of BTC compatibility, that allows them to use BTC accessories on the ground in case they have an urgent operational need. They keep a very good supply flexibility, while increasing the integrity of their wells with a better performing product."
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