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Premium semi-flush connection with ultra high torque capacity for Shale applications

A gas-tight semi-flush premium connection, VAM® EDGE-SF+’s high-tension efficiency plus extreme high-torque capacity make it ideal to run a full string length as production casing in shale wells. Designed specifically for extreme shale applications, VAM® EDGE-SF+ offers a single Fit for-Shale solution for both vertical and extended laterals up to 15,000ft.

Extensive offer
Large range of sizes and grades, for all types of applications.
Field Proven
30 years of extensive track records on a wide variety of fields and applications.
High Performance
Large performance envelope and reliable design for easy running.
Performance, Application & Product Range


  • Internal pressure rating: 100% pipe body (liquid)
  • Collapse rating: 100% API 5C3
  • Tension and compression capacity: up to 85% pipe body
  • Bending capacity up to 40°/100 ft under combined loads
  • Excellent jump-out resistance with a dovetail locking thread form
  • Gas sealability validated as per API RP 5C5:2017 / ISO 13679:2019 CAL-II, in addition to a fit-for-purpose Shale test program including frac-cycles and fatigue testing


VAM® EDGE SF+ is designed to answer shale plays challenges:

    • Fracking and Production string in shale wells
    • Rotating the strings downhole
    • Long laterals and Extended Reach wells
Product Range
Product Range
  • Available in 4-1/2″, 5″ and 5-1/2″ diameters
  • Carbon steels, including high collapse grades
  • Yield Strengths from 95 to 125 ksi
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Customer Story
A continuous success story
  With over 70,000 joints (~57,700 MT) run in the field, VAM® EDGE SF+ is extensively used as production casing in US shale plays (Haynesville, Permian, Eagle Ford). “This high-performance solution allows us to set intermediate strings at least 2,000 feet deeper with maximum clearance. Extensive teamwork produced a customized yet cost effective design without sacrificing excellent performance.” A Permian Operator
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