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Ultra high torque capacity for Shale applications.

VAM® SPRINT-SF, the first in a series of semi-premium high torque products for shale, is a semi-flush connection innovatively designed for extreme shale applications. Its high tension rating and ultra high torque capacity make it ideal to run a full string length as production casing in shale wells with extended horizontal sections and tight clearance requirements.

Best value for shale plays
The most cost efficient option for large scale shale operations.
Ideal for long laterals
Extreme torque for rotation, ideal for long lateral wells or while cementing.
Fast & easy running
The tapered dovetail thread design stabs deep allowing fast make up with very low risk of cross-threading | Knurl marks on the pin visually confirm proper make-up ensuring quick running.
Performance, Application & Product Range


  • “Fit for Shale” VAM® protocol
  • Ultra high torque – Drift tested
  • Exceptional tension/compression ratings
  • Fast make up
  • Torque turn monitoring recommended but not required 


  • Fracking and production string in shale wells
  • String rotation to reach target depth
  • Rotation during cementing
  • Long laterals and extended reach wells
  • Slim OD for tight clearance wells
Product Range
Product Range
  • OD: from 5″ to 8 3/4″
  • Grades: Carbon Steels, including Sour Service & Enhanced API grades for shale plays
  • Yield Strengths: From 95 to 125 ksi
Documents & Resources
Learn more on VAM® SPRINT-SF
Customer Story
Inaugural run
“VAM® SPRINT-SF has proven to be the key that unlocked the door to better cement jobs and effective casing installation on longer laterals. With margins tight and every lateral foot bringing additional value to our organization, having the ability to effectively “keep what you drill” is critical to our success moving forward.”
Inaugural run
Learn about VAM® Field Service's role in the Running
Inaugural run
Learn about Smartengo's role in the Running
"Fit for Shale" VAM® protocol
“VAM® SPRINT-SF was tested following the “Fit for Shale” VAM® protocol, designed to simulate the real world conditions of unconventional applications during the well life. Done at the full product ratings and following API RP 5C5:2017 and API 5SF requirements for shale connection qualification, the protocol tests the connection’s min & max torque with sealabiltiy (MTS), torque make up, fatigue cycles, high temperatures, internal pressure & combined loads cycles. Following the liquid testing, VAM® SPRINT-SF also passed gas testing at 80% of its envelope.”
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