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Keeps the heat inside

THERMOCASE® VIT is a high performance double wall insulated tubing using a durable Gettered Vacuum MLI (Multi Layer Insulation) System.
Vacuum Insulated Tubing is a highly proven insulation solution for many different applications including Annular Pressure Buildup prevention, Steam Injection, Heavy Oil production, Wax Appearance prevention, or Permafrost/Natural Hydrates preservation.

Extremely reliable and durable thermal insulation
Runs like tubing, easy implementation
Minimizes OPEX ie. injections fluids, workovers
Performances & Applications

Well Integrity

  • Thermal wells
  • Subsea wells – Annular Pressure Buildup (APB)
  • Permafrost/natural hydrates preservation


Thermal Wells / Steam

  • Steam injection
  • Geothermal


Flow Assurance

  • Wax and Hydrate Prevention (paraffin)
  • Heavy Oil Flow Enhancement (viscosity)


Tubular applications where temperature/ heat management is critical

Favorite configurations

For APB, 6045 and 7055 THERMOCASE® VIT in S13CR-115 with VAM® 21.

For Steam Injection, 4535 and 7055 THERMOCASE® VIT in L80 with DWC/C-IS.

For Flow Assurance, 2821 or 3523 THERMOCASE® VIT in L80 with RTS-8 or VAM® TOP.

Size range extends from 1.751” ID to 16” OD. API and proprietary grades from 80 ksi to 125 ksi. Engineered special sizes, configurations and grades to fit clearance, strength, corrosion or application requirements are available.

Documents & Resources

Webcast “Vallourec’s THERMOCASE® VIT: a cost-effective solution for geothermal applications”

Customer Stories
“Vallourec was our first choice as VIT supplier as they have the special expertise we needed to tailor the VIT to our specifications. They were responsive and great to work with and we look forward to working with them in the future.” Joseph Scherer, President and CEO of GreenFire Energy
“The initial results from implementing THERMOCASE® VIT in several test wells indicated that it paid for itself easily in the first year of production” Alberta, Canada
“THERMOCASE® VIT is the only APB mitigation technique whose post installation performance can be easily monitored and has been monitored. Therefore timely intervention is possible and increases overall well integrity” Gulf of Mexico Operator

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