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High Torque flush with premium performances.
With an enhanced, fully flush design and self-locking dovetail-shaped threads, VAM® HTF-NR provides maximum clearance along with extreme high torque and no compromise on sealability performances. It is the ideal choice for challenging applications such as ERD, slim holes or Drilling with Casing. The entire product line is validated against API RP 5C5:2017 / ISO 13679:2019 CAL-II, including at MTS (Maximum Torque with Sealability).
Flush OD
100% flush connection offering maximal clearance to facilitate run-in-hole and cementing operations.
Ultra-High Torque
Preserved structural performances and sealability when rotating the string through highly deviated and long lateral section.
Validated for critical applications, even at highest torque levels.
Performance, Application & Product Range


  • Internal pressure rating: 100% pipe body
  • Collapse rating: 100% API 5C3
  • Tension capacity: up to 65% pipe body with sealability
  • Compression capacity: up to 40% pipe body with sealability (and structural resistance up to 73% pipe body)
  • Bending capacity up to 20°/100 ft under combined loads
  • Gas sealability validated as per API RP 5C5:2017 / ISO 13679:2019 CAL-II, including at Maximum Torque with Sealability (MTS)


VAM® HTF-NR is best in class for all application requiring ultra-high torsional resistance along with full OD flushness:

  • Slim holes
  • HP/HT wells
  • Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) and highly-deviated wells with long laterals
  • Drilling with Casing / Reaming with Casing
  • Rotating while cementing
  • Production Casing, tie-backs and liners
Product Range
Product Range
  • Available in sizes from 4-1/2″ to 9-7/8″
  • Carbon Steels including SS grades, 13Cr, S13Cr
  • Yield Strengths from 80 to 125 ksi
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