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Flush design providing superior strength with clearance.

VAM® BOLT-II is the latest generation of VAM® flush connections, introducing an improved design, higher torque capacity and superior sealability performances. Available on an extended range of medium and large ODs, the entire product line is validated against API RP 5C5:2017 / ISO 13679:2019 CAL-II. It is fast and easy to make-up thanks to its double-start thread design, making it the perfect connection for large bore subsea well heads.

High performance
Maximum performance envelope and optimized design with improved tension and compression capacity.
Flush OD
100% flush connection offering optimal clearance for well designs with multiple casing strings.
Saves Rig Time
Fast and easy to run thanks to easy stabbing and alignment, and double-start thread design.
Performance, Application & Product Range


  • Internal pressure rating: 100% pipe body
  • Collapse rating: 100% API 5C3 (or HC)
  • Tension and Compression capacity: up to 65% pipe body (100% connection) with sealability
  • Bending capacity up to 20°/100 ft under combined loads
  • Gas sealability validated as per API RP 5C5:2017 / ISO 13679:2019 CAL-II, including at Maximum Torque with Sealability (MTS)
  • Quick make-up in just 3 turns thanks to double-start thread
  • Pin Internal Bevel for smooth tool running downhole


VAM® BOLT-II is designed to answer the most stringent conditions for surface casing applications:

    • Surface and Intermediate casing and liners
    • Large bore subsea well heads
Product Range
Product Range
  • Available in sizes from 10-1/8″ to 18″
  • Carbon Steels, including SS and HC grades
  • Yield Strengths from 80 to 140 ksi
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Documents & Resources
VAM® BOLT-II Running Guidelines Poster
VAM® BOLT-II Running Guidelines Poster To help you optimize our connections' running, we have developed a dedicated poster summarizing running recommandations from our VAM® Field Service teams. To download it, please fill in the form below.
Webcast “Under Pressure: Advanced VAM® Integral Designs Meet Deep-Water & HP/HT Challenges”
Customer Story
Caspian Sea
LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft has chosen Vallourec to deliver its VAM® BOLT-II solution with a large (18") outer diameter for the Caspian Sea Khazri-2 well. In February, its high performance levels were proven when the connection was successfully deployed with zero reject on a Neptune jack-up drilling rig. “We are particularly proud of this success. LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft is one of our key customers developing some of the most complex offshore oil fields and wells.” Andrei Motovilin Technical Sales Manager in Russia, Ukraine, CIS
South America
“Successful offshore running on extreme climatic conditions and intense heave motion. Effective operation and Zero backout.” VAM Field Service Technician on board, intermediate casing running, South America
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