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Latest generation premium semi-flush fit for critical applications.

VAM® SLIJ-3 is the latest generation of VAM® semi-flush premium connections, introducing higher torque and compression capacity for an overall superior performance in ultra-deep offshore environments. Its optimized design improves make-up and brings higher value in HP/HT operations. VAM® SLIJ-3’s robustness was tested with the most recent and rigorous test protocols thus guaranteeing reliability in critical operations.

High performance
Maximum performance envelope and optimized design with improved tension and compression capacity.
Slim Design
Best compromise between design efficiency and tight clearance requirements.
Optimizes well design
First-class choice for the most stringent casing applications.
Performance, Application & Product Range


  • Extensively tested to the highest industry requirements: API RP 5C5:2017 CAL-IV across the entire Product Line
  • Maximum torque capacity validated with full performance (‘MTS’)
  • Rig-tested in extreme conditions with double and triple stands
  • 100% High collapse: improved performance on high collapse grades
  • Tension and compression capacity equal to 100% of connection efficiency (up to 80% of the pipe strength).
  • Reliable thread design based on VAM®’s most used and patented technology
  • Design optimized for casing wear resistance


VAM® SLIJ-3 is ideal for Deep Offshore / HPHT applications requiring tight clearance and high connection ratings:

  • Production and Intermediate casing
  • Production tie-back and liners
  • Contingency strings
Product Range
Product Range
  • Available in sizes from 7-5/8″ to 16-1/4″
  • Carbon Steels, including SS and HC grades
  • Yield Strengths from 80 to 140 ksi
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Documents & Resources
VAM® SLIJ-3 Running Guidelines Poster
To help you optimize our connections' running, we have developed a dedicated poster summarizing running recommandations from our VAM® Field Service teams. To download it, please fill in the form below.
Webcast “Under Pressure: Advanced VAM® Integral Designs Meet Deep-Water & HP/HT Challenges”
Customer Story


“More than 2,000 joints of 7 5⁄8” VAM® SLIJ-3 were successfully installed for an offshore project of a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico. VAM® SLIJ-3 was praised for its consistent torque-turn graphs and its fast running, making it our highest performance semi-flush casing connection to date.” Success in the Gulf of Mexico

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