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Offshore Wind

Generating green energy from offshore wind turbines

The growing offshore wind market is poised to become one of the world’s biggest sources of sustainable energy. Vallourec experts are providing wind farm operators with tubular solutions to support sustainable, long-lasting wind farms.

Our Solutions

Innovating solutions for offshore wind

The offshore wind market is becoming increasingly competitive with traditional energy markets, with prices rivaling that of traditional fossil fuels. Offshore wind farm operators must confront a range of challenges to ensure the longevity and durability of their wind farms. Increasing environmental regulations are limiting the acceptable locations and installation methods for wind farms. The process of installing wind turbines and jackets remains long and costly, and as individual wind turbines grow larger, safety requirements become more complex.

Safety and reliability

Vallourec is supporting offshore wind farm operators with a variety of tubular solutions that make wind farms safer and more durable. Our experience with offshore wind projects allows us to find cost-effective, low risk solutions for wind farm installations.

Environmental protection

Vallourec’s PREON® marine technology is a cost competitive, low-noise installation method for offshore wind farm foundations. Our environmentally-friendly solution protects the seabed and significantly reduces underwater noise.

Our Role in Offshore Wind
Customer Story
“Beyond manufacturing tubes for the offshore wind market, Vallourec is thinking through added-value solutions for wind farm operators. Our customizable offers are designed to offer clients the materials and expertise critical to developing their offshore wind projects from end-to-end .”

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