materials OCTG oil&gas


With a wide range of Carbon steels, Chromium grades and Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA)

Vallourec offers the full scope of materials to meet the needs of the Oil & Gas industry. Our metallurgical experts can help you to select the most appropriate material for your application, offer material qualification testing and propose tailor-made cost effective solutions. With integrated production facilities on every continent Vallourec is your worldwide guarantee for quality and reliability.

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13Cr and Super 13Cr

13% Chromium (13Cr) and Super 13% Chromium (S13Cr) materials to be used in sweet CO2 environments at high temperature

High Collapse

Industry’s recognized leader for High Collapse Tubulars
materials OCTG oil&gas

Sour Service

A cost effective solution for All Sour Service (SS) environments