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Naval Force

Extreme performance for naval forces

Companies that provide naval warships, submarines, machines, equipment and weapons to naval forces require high-quality materials that meet strict specifications for safety, strength and durability. Our range of tubular solutions include products designed to withstand extreme conditions, ideal for naval applications.

Designed to resist
Strong and robust, from standard to premium grades
Toughness and durability
Combining high strength, good impact toughness and weldability
Range of product solutions
Available in numerous dimensions and grades, for all types of applications

Our resistant, strong steel tubular solutions can be used in a variety of applications for naval forces. From piping systems onboard ships, to pressure vessels and steel structures, our tubes can be customized for your naval defense needs. Easy to install and simple to inspect and maintain, our products offer significant advantages, particularly in harsh marine climates.


Our Products

Our seamless tubes and hollow sections offer numerous advantages for the naval industry. They combine the structural safety and reliability needed on naval projects with installation benefits including tight corner radii and good weldability.
Strong and robust, our tubular solutions are designed to resist in harsh environments and climates.

Grades & Sizes

Our tubular solutions are available in a range of dimensions and wall thicknesses, in standard and premium steel grades. Our premium steel grades FineXcell®, Avadur® and Durascilt® offer additional technical characteristics that are particularly suited to naval applications.


About FineXcell®

When highest strength meets weldability – Our FineXcell® grade series maximizes performance and reduces weight. These fine-grain structural steels offer yield strengths up to an impressive 1,000 MPa plus, excellent processing and welding characteristics. They provide an optimum in combination of high yield strength and ability to customize.
Chemical compositions
Mechanical Properties

Values valid for:

1) Lowest intervall: 
FineXcell® 690: WT ≤ 32mm 
FineXcell® 700/770/890: WT ≤ 20mm  

2) Lowest intervall: 
FineXcell® 690: WT ≤ 32mm 
FineXcell® 700: WT ≤ 40mm 
FineXcell® 960: WT ≤ 16mm  


About Avadur® 

When hardness and hardenability are needed – Avadur® combines extreme strength and extreme hardness for military applications. 

Chemical compositions
Mechanical Properties

Values valid for: 

1) wall thickness (WT) ≤25,4mm
2) wall thickness (WT) ≤50,8mm
3) wall thickness (WT) ≤12mm

4) For lowest wall thickness interval of WT ≤ 16mm
5) Hardness requirement can be agreed and taken on special agreement

About Durascilt®

When ballistic resistance is needed – Durascilt is our first-choice tube for ballistic protection.

Chemical compositions 
Mechanical Properties
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Customer Story
“A trusted partner in naval projects, we offer a variety of existing products. Our R&D teams can also help create customized solutions for your project.”

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